Top Nigerian Sites To Sell Googleplay Gift Card Safely

So you want to turn your unused googleplay gift cards into cash? It’s actually pretty easy, when you know where to look. There are a lot of websites, retailers and online businesses that buy gift cards directly or peer-to-peer platforms. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, however, so choosing blindly without proper guidance can make you lose your gift card to scammers.

At Sellcardbtc, we have your best interest at heart, so we have decided to compile the best of the best sites to exchange google play card for bitcoins or naira.

With that in mind, below are the most popular platforms after considering various factors that are crucial for you as a customer to consider, including the site’s rates, payout speed and customer reviews.

Best 5 Sites To Sell Google Play Cards For Cash Online:


1. Icadiatrades: Icadiatrader is a Nigerian gift card exchange platform where you can sell any gift card or bitcoins and get paid in naira.

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2. Cashplusgiftcards: is another trading platform that has been existing for quite a number of years now. It has provided the avenue for gift card sellers from all over the world to trade their gift cards. They pay in naira, bitcoins, cedis, INR/PayTM and PayPal.

Contact Cashplusgiftcards

3. Paxful: Sometimes, you need escrow service, that’s the best clue as to their importance. You can easily exchange a gift card for bitcoins on Paxful using secured escrow system.

4. Localbitcoins: Very similar to paxful in terms of escrow. Localbitcoins is another peer-to-peer platform where you can trade various cards for bitcoins.

5. Sellcardbtc: This site is known to offer the best gift card rates in Nigeria compared to paxful and other sites. As a matter of fact, paxful vendors sell to this site.

Contact Sellcardbtc +84325452656

Conclusively, if you are willing to sell google play card or any other gift card, this is the site to use.

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