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Top 5 Sites To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

Thinking of exchanging gift cards for cash in Nigeria, here are the top 5 gift card trading platforms...

As a result of the benefits, profits made and the indispensable uses of gift cards, sell gift card platforms are something everyone wants to venture into. Owing to the ease of gift cards availability when necessary and also for making people who are in possession of gift cards they do not need, have the options of trading for money or Bitcoins.

Buying and selling of iTunes gift cards and other gift cards have become the in-thing. However, many of us are aware that one major obstacle the gift card business is faced with is how genuine and reliable these various platforms for selling gift cards are. How willing are these platforms going to prove their authencity? Have you been looking for where to sell gift cards in Nigeria? Do you need the top sites to exchange gift cards for cash? Is the issue you are currently faced with is trusted sites to sell your gift cards in Nigeria?

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In a bid to answer your many questions about the genuineness, effectiveness and efficacy of online gift cards trading platforms, some platforms have sprung up.

Here Are Best 5 Sites To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria:

1. SellCardBTC

This platform offers the best gift card rates in Nigeria compared to the other platforms.

Based on facts and reviews from several people, sellcardBTC has been portrayed as the best paxful alternative and other gift cards platforms.

Here, gift cards and bitcoins are purchased at a much more desirable rate to what is offered on Paxful or any other gift card platforms. All you have to do on this platform in order to sell iTunes gift card, exchange amazon gift card  sell steam gift card or any other card is to have a trading dashboard that allows you exchange gift card for cash in Nigeria.

In addition to having the trading dashboard, one can make use of easier means to trade like contact them on whatsapp and you can be assured of a transaction that defies all time and network odds to give you a very fast transaction.

2. Paxtradings

Paxtradings is an online trading platform in Nigeria, where you can sell or buy your gift cards. Such as; iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, Steam, Target, Physical cards, E-codes, single big denomination cards, etc for Naira, Ethereum and Bitcoins. If you’ve been searching for where to get a reliable gift cards trading platform, it tickles my fancy to say, Paxtradings has got you covered. Here, a quality service and payment speed are ensured. Without any iota of doubt, one major fear of getting involved in online businesses, is the fear of dishonesty on the part of traders. Now, this is what stands Paxtrading platform out. On this platform, there is the belief that complete honesty should be the backbone of any business. With Paxtradings, you can sleep with your two eyes closed, without having to fear about being cheated. The dealings are fair, your cash, bitcoins or gift cards are in safe hands.

3. Afrbtc

Sometimes, having gift cards is not what all that we need. Not because we have no clue as to their importance, but because what we need is a platform that gives you back the value for the card you are giving out. In this respect, an online platform known as Afrbtc has arisen to help you exchange your gift cards for cash or Bitcoins at dazzling rates. Are you seeking ways on where to convert gift cards for Bitcoins or Naira? Do you prefer having cash in place of your iTunes, Amazon, or Walmart cards? Do you need a platform where you can convert your gift cards to cash? Do you need a reliable place to trade your cards for naira or Bitcoins? Your many answers are set to be answered by Afrbtc. It is a platform that is built on utmost dedication to giving the best as regards your gift cards and bitcoins. Here, you can be assured of a topnotch professional team that provides quality cards services and of course, buying your cards at the best of rates.

4. PoolOfCards

Poolofcards is an online trading platform that has been existing for quite a number of years now. It has provided the avenue for sellers and buyers from all over the world to meet and trade bitcoins. On this website, payments could be made via Paypal, Wire transfer, Western Union, Webmoney, Cash by mail, Physical cash.

You get paid for your gift cards within few minutes and you can sell your gift cards to poolofcards and get cash for your cards. You can also trade your unwanted gift cards online at the best of rates, when you sell them via this platform.

5. Paxful

This is also an online trading platform that shares so many resemblances with LocalBitcoins. It allows you choose the payment method you want and it also allows you to see available sellers or buyers for your cards.

One of the features that seem to stand this platform out is that it allows for a stress-free and quick transaction. If you are in search of a platform that is considerably cheap for any transaction made, then paxful is definitely for you. You only get charged for a percent for the total sales amount.

Also, if you are in need of a very interactive gift cards or bitcoins platform, then you need search no more as there is an active support forum that allows you ask any question you want.


Conclusion: Best Site To Exchange iTunes For Cash

In conclusion, haven gone through the best 5 gift card trading sites, if you are looking for the platform with best rates, fastest and you want payment in Naira, cedis or bitcoins, use

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