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Top 5 Gift Card Marketing Strategies

There is no doubt that you should sell gift cards, especially around holidays, to accrue its benefits. But it won’t make sense if you dump them in your store and expect them to sell themselves.

Well, selling gifts card comes with benefits for both retailers and consumers. Consumers will choose gift cards as they facilitate simple gift-giving among friends, colleagues and family. On the other hand, retailers will take advantage of its original sale as the possibility of additional cost over the gift card value (profits). Here are simple strategies you can incorporate in your gift card marketing for better profits.

1.Leverage the power of online marketing

Currently, several online stores cater to those who want to sell gift cards. Such sites include,, and These platforms offer users several options when selling their gift cards. They purchase gift cards from people in exchange for money. You should include information about your gift cards for an accurate value of what they will pay. This value typically ranges between 60% and 90% of the gift card value.

2.Promote your gift cards on social networks and other relevant channels

This technique works best if you can get the target audience to visit your website or online store, or on social media profiles. But if your clients don’t know you offer gifts card, they can’t buy them. Therefore, investing in social media promotions and marketing can be a good idea.

3.Get a little bit creative with gift card packaging and presentation

Pack your gift cards in a small box and add a bow on top to make them appear like a standard gift. Also, you can put it into a unique package that fits the occasion and gives the gift-giver a matching envelope.

Consider creating a unique and eye-catching gift card packaging. This will not only make your gift cards stand-out, but it will also assist you in creating more brand awareness if you create something enticing enough such that your clients would want to show it off to their friends.

4.Create your gift cards for special occasions

Customers will love receiving and giving gift cards, especially during special events such as the Christmas holiday. Depending on your store, you should pay more attention to some occasions than the others. For instance, selling gifts cards during holidays is an excellent strategy to get higher sales revenue.

Failure to a market gift card is one of the biggest mistakes retailers make when selling gift cards. Remember, customers will not automatically purchase your gift cards just because they are available in the market. You should be proactive about promoting them and continuously refine your gift cards marketing efforts if you want to benefit from the sales.

5.Ensure the gift cards are appealing

Well, you may not realize this but the appeal of your gift card can go a long way. It is not uncommon for someone to want to look at an eye-catching gift card whenever they have the chance to do that. But if it’s not as appealing, they may even forget about it, and that’s not as effective for your business. So, go right ahead and customize your cards so they don’t appear generic.

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