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There are a lot of people in possession of Walmart gift card that they do not need, however the fear of being prey to online scammers discourages them from selling their Walmart gift card. Asides the fear of being scammed, most people fear to get very low gift card rates.

Are you one of such people in this situation? Are you looking for a trusted platform to sell Walmart gift card? Do you want the straightforward and easy way to sell Walmart gift card? Do you want to know how to buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria? Do you want to sell Walmart and Amazon gift card in Nigeria and Ghana? You want the fastest way to convert Walmart gift card to naira? Do you want to sell gift card in Nigeria? Do you want to buy gift card in Nigeria? Do you want the best platform with the best rates for Walmart gift card? Worry and search no more, I’ve got the answer to all your many questions. I’ve got the website that solves all your worries as regards gift cards. It is Sellcardbtc.

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What is Sellcardbtc?

Sellcardbtc  is the most trusted platform to sell your walmart gift cards. There undoubtedly are other online trading platforms that make it possible to sell gift cards, but Sellcardbtc remains the leading platform in Nigeria where you can sell all your gift cards. Here you can buy different types of gift cards, ranging from iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Steam gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Target gift cards etc. Sellcardbtc buys Physical Cards, E-codes, Single Big Denomination Cards and you get paid whichever way you want it, be it naira or bitcoin.


Why Trade with Sellcardbtc?

  1. We offer you the most simple and the most comfortable ways to convert any type of gift cards to cash.
  2. We offer you the best value for your Walmart gift card and all other types of gift cards.
  3. We offer the fastest payment method that cannot be seen anywhere which includes an instant payment option.
  4. We trade almost all forms of gift cards in Nigeria, ranging from iTunes gift card to Amazon gift card and Walmart gift card.
  5. All denominations are accepted.
  6. We have the biggest trading platform for gift cards. We have this reputation to maintain, thus you can be sure of cards in safe hands.
  7. Our customer service is very active 24/7 to attend to all your needs.


How to Trade Exchange Gift Card on Sellcardbtc

You can trade via whatsapp



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