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Sell UK, Euro, CHF, Germany iTunes Gift Card – And Other Countries

In case you are wondering where to sell that country iTunes gift cards, here is the best guide to sell safely at best rates...

Several websites buy gift cards but not all of them can buy various countries. Most websites buy only USA itunes gift cards which creates limitations for itunes card sellers. Some traders have itunes card from different countries apart from the USA, which includes:

  • Canada iTunes Gift Card (CAD)
  • UK iTunes Gift Card (GBP)
  • Germany iTunes Gift Card (EUR)
  • Spain iTunes Gift Card (EUR)
  • Italy iTunes Gift Card (EUR)
  • Netherlands iTunes Gift Card (EUR)
  • Belgium iTunes Gift Card (EUR)
  • Austria iTunes Gift Card (EUR)
  • New Zealand iTunes Gift Card (NZD)
  • Australia iTunes Gift Card (AUD)
  • South African iTunes Gift Card (ZAR)
  • Russian iTunes Gift Card (RUB)
  • Swiss Franc iTunes Gift Card (CHF)
  • Hong Kong Dollar iTunes Gift Card (HKD)
  • Swedish Krona iTunes Gift Card (SEK)

These are many more are the itunes cards you might have a problem selling either because certain buyers do you buy them or the rates are too low.

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To sell this kind of itunes, you must contact a direct loader who has access to iTunes account of the country and can redeem it directly. Contacting a middleman for such a deal will only leave you frustrated.


How Can You Sell These Countries iTunes Gift Card?

1. First, ensure sure that your card is still valid and that it has not been redeemed before.

2. Click on this link: here to contact Sellcardbtc on Whatsapp at +84325452656.

3. Tell Sellcardbtc the country of the card and the amount.

4. Upload the gift card and provide payment details.

After this, wait a few minutes for your verification and payment.

All is done within 5 minutes.

Yes! It is that simple.


It is wise to know where and how to sell gift cards if you want to make good profits with them. Also, you have to stay safe place instead of testing the waters with your hard earned gift cards.

It is this same reason we recommend that you stay with sites that have been recommended by those who have patronized and get satisfied.


You can sell any country gift card apart from Mexican cards, on Sellcardbtc. You can click here to contact them.


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