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Sell Gift Card For Chinese Yen RMB – iTunes, Steam, Amazon, Googleplay

You might be looking for how to sell gift card for Chinese Yen RMB. We have provided a legit platform that trading for instant bank transfer.

Do you have gift card for sale or say you want to convert iTunes gift card to RMB? You want to know how to exchange your gift card for RMB? Do you need ways on how to trade gift card in China?

It is very simple, all you have to do is contact Sellcardbtc on Whatsapp (+84325452656).

Selling gift card is very easy, ignoring the fact that there are a lot of people out there who want to rip you off your card. But here is an easy guide on how to convert gift card to RMB easily.

How To Exchange Gift Card For RMB At Best Rates

Below are three simple steps to exchange your iTunes, amazon, steam, walmart, sephora, target gift card for paypal cash. Pay attention:

Step 1: Make sure your gift card is unused.
Step 2:  Contact Sellcardbtc on Whatsapp (+84325452656). And confirm rate at which they buy gift cards.
Step 3: Upload gift card and send your payment info. You will wait for verification and be paid within 5 minutes.

What Gift Card Can I Sell For Chinese Yen?

We accept the following gift cards:

  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Steam Wallet Gift Cards
  • Walmart Gift Cards
  • Apple Store Gift Cards
  • Google Play Gift Cards
  • eBay Gift Cards
  • Vanilla Gift Cards
  • Sephora Gift Cards
  • Target Gift Cards
  • Best Buy Gift Cards
  • Nordstrom Gift Cards
  • Play Station Gift Cards
  • And many more…


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