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Top 5 Trusted Sites To Sell Apple Gift Cards At Best Rates

If you have an unused apple store gift card that you are willing to exchange for cash or bitcoins, here are the best sites to trade it without being cheated.

Often times, people get want to sell apple gift card. Maybe they were given as gifts by friends and families or they won it from a contest or survey and they have nothing to do with it so they prefer exchanging it for cash.

If you are willing to sell apple gift card for naira, cedis, INR, RMB or sell any gift card in Nigeria, Ghana, India, you are on the right page.

Apart from it being complex, there are limited apple gift card buyers and some of those that are available just want to scam you of your itunes card without giving you what you truly deserve.

In order to avoid being in this kind of position anymore, here are the most reliable sites to exchange apple gift card for cash or bitcoins.

In a bid to answer the following questions:  

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some platforms have sprung up to help you with this.

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Best 5 Sites To Sell Apple Gift Card For Cash

1. Sell Apple Gift Card For Cash & Bitcoins On SellCardBTC

This platform offers the best gift card rates for Nigeria , Ghana, India customers. compared to the other platforms.

Based on statistics, studies and reviews from several customers, sellcardBTC has been portrayed as the best site to any gift card for cash.

On Sellcardbtc, apple gift cards are purchased at a much more desirable rate to what is offered by any other gift card trading platforms. All you have to do on this platform in order to sell apple gift card is to contact them on Whatsapp at +84325452656.

How To Trade Apple Gift Card For Cash On Sellcardbtc


1. Contact them on Whatsapp at +84325452656, an agent will respond to you to give you rates.
2. If you agree with the rate, which is always the best, proceed to provide gift card and your payment details
3. The agent will verify and send payment within 5 minutes.
4. You will receive payment proof once it’s done.


How Much Is Apple Gift Card On Sellcardbtc?

As mentioned earlier, sellcardbtc gives the best price when it comes to selling apple gift cards. Currently, they pay as high as 85-90% for Apple gift cards.

Other Sites To Sell Apple Gift Card

1. Sellcardbtc (Click Here To Contact Sellcardbtc On Whatsapp)
3. Paxful (
3. Paxtradings (Click Here To Contact PaxTradings On Whatsapp)
4. PoolOfCards (Click Here To Contact PoolOfCards On Whatsapp)
5. Localbitcoins (

Difference Between Apple Store Gift Card and iTunes Gift Card

People often mistake apple gift card for itunes gift card but it is not the same.

Apple Store Gift Cards can be used at an Apple Retail Store, in the Apple Online Store, or on the phone by calling 1‑800‑MY‑APPLE. Note that Apple Store Gift Cards can be redeemed on the Apple Online Store and at Apple Retail stores only, and not on the iTunes Music Store or the App Store.

iTunes gift card can only be redeemed in itunes app store to make purchases.

Below is what apple store gift card looks like:

apple gift card picture

Below is what iTunes gift card looks like:

convert itunes gift card to naira sellcardbtc
If you want to know how to sell itunes gift card, click here.


Ready To Trade Apple Store Gift Card For Bitcoin Or Cash?

Click Here To Contact Sellcardbtc On Whatsapp


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