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Paxtradings Review – Is It Safe To Trade On Paxtradings?

if you are wondering if trading your varous gift cards and bitcoins on a website like Paxtradings is safe or not, here is a full review...

Our site visitors always come to us to ask about various platforms, if they are legit or scam. Recently we have received a lot of questions concerning the site Paxtradings as people are concerned if the platform is really safe to sell gift cards.

First of all, we always say this, it is not a good idea to trade with just any online buyer. This is why we always advise our users to stick to the sites we have recommended when it comes to selling gift card in a country like Nigeria.

Below are the platforms we have tested, trusted and can recommend for our users to trade gift card without a doubt:

1. PoolOfCards

This is a gift card trading online platform that provides legitimate money value for various unused gift cards including Sephora, Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, JCPenny, Steam, Google Play e.t.c. 

You can click here to contact poolofcards.

2. CashPlusGiftCards

This site is known for providing one of the best rates around, and their website is also touted for being incredibly easy to navigate and straight-forward.

The platform pays instantly, and you their security is also guaranteed.

You can click here to contact Cashplusgiftcards.

3. SellCardBTC

The best of them all. SellCardBTC is also another platform that has been considered by many to be one of the best sites in Nigeria for selling and trading in gift cards

You can click here to contact Sellcardbtc.

In Conclusion

We advise that you strictly stick to thee recommended platforms and contact one of thelisted above to carry out your gift card trading activity instead of wondering if a sitee is legit or scam.

Paxtradings Review – Is It a Scam Or Legit?

PAX Tradings is a fully registered company under PAX TRADINGS CORP LIMITED. They have been known to offer the best naira rates for every gift card offer.

To us, paxtradings is just one of the many platforms that can be used to make gift card sales in Nigeria. We do not know about your safety when trading there.


At the end of the day, it isn’t particularly definitely whether you are safe or not when selling your gift cards on Paxtradings. We do not have anything against the platform and at the same time, we cannot say we have tested the service so we rather sit on the fence.

However, the other platforms mentioned earlier have been able to merge awesome speed with great user experience, proper exchange rates and improved security. You will definitely be safe when doing business on these platforms, and it is recommended that you trade your gift card with any of them.

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