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iTunes Giftcards Issues? Reasons and Solutions

iTunes Gift cards are good for anyone who enjoys on-demand entertainment. Each card features an iTunes Store code redeemable for different things like music, movies, TV shows, games, apps; you can also use it for subscription services in apps and in-app purchases and more. Recipients can access content on an iPod, iPad or iPhone, Mac, or PC. Compatible with iTunes for Mac or Windows.
Redeemable on the iTunes Store, the iBookstore, the App Store, and the Mac App Store. If you’re finding it difficult to redeem your iTunes Giftcards, it might be due to the following reasons:

iTunes Giftcards

1) Your Card/Code Is Invalid:

This often happens when people try to redeem an Apple Store Gift card, always make sure you have an iTunes gift card. Apple Store Giftcards are largely used for purchases of products in their stores.

2) Your Card/Code Has Already Been Redeemed:

If you see this message, it only means the card/code has been used on another Apple ID. If you see a message that says your card or code has already been redeemed, try signing out of the iTunes Store on all of your devices, then sign back in. This will refresh your credit balance and could have been just a network error.

3) Your Card/Code Is Inactive:

When you see this, it only means that your card might not have been properly activated. The best option is to go back to the retailer where you purchased it and try to resolve it with them.

iTunes Giftcards

4) Your Card/Code Is From A Different Country/Region:

When you see this, it means that you can’t redeem an iTunes gift card that was purchased in one country in another country’s storefront. Itunes cards can’t be redeemed outside the country/region of purchase.
E.g An iTunes gift card purchased in France can’t be redeemed in an iTunes Store in the US.

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