iTunes Gift Cards

How to Use Your Apple or iTunes Gift Card?

Apple gift cards can be used in different ways. The best way to use the gift card is to make an in-store purchase since you will be assured of great discounts. Read more to learn about the gift cards.

When you receive an iTunes gift card, you might wonder what to do with it. Depending on the type of gift card you have received, you can use it in many ways. The Apple gift card you receive is versatile, so you can use it for your subscriptions, buy apps and music and you can as well use it to buy accessories. You can also sell iTunes card in Nigeria if you don’t intend to use it. However, here we present some tips on how you can use it.

Which Type of Gift Card Do You Have?

There are three types of cards which are sold by Apple — Apple Music, iTunes, and Apple Store. Redemption of these cards is only valid in the countries where they have been originally purchased. If you receive the gift card in the US, it will only work in Apple retail stores and shops located within the US only.

If you get iTunes gift card, you can use it to buy software, products which can be downloaded and even music.

Apple music cards are only valid to be used when you are redeeming your subscription to Apple Music. If the gift card is over, you will get charged if you do not turn off the auto-renewal in your settings of Apple Music.

Apple store gift can be used on the website of Apple or a physical location of Apple retail or shop. You can use it to carry out in-store purchases of the hardware or software. It can be used online or through the phone using the code located at the back.

Common Items You Can Buy with the Gift Cards

iPhone, iPad or Mac

If the gift card does not cover the cost of a new Apple gadget, you can use it to buy other Apple gadgets. Some products such as the Mac and a new iPhone can become cheaper when you buy using the Apple gift card.

Some new models of Apple phones can become quite pricey. But if at all you have the gift card, the price of the items will be much lower than you ever thought. If you have been thinking of buying Apple products in bulk, you may think of using the store gift card.

Apple Watch

The Apple watch is compatible with the Wi-Fi and other cellular features. It can also monitor your workout routine and track all your physical activities. With the Apple gift card, you will get a good discount which will help you get the watch.


Apple does not just specialize in only one type of product. There are a number of accessories available in Apple shops. Such items include the headphones, speakers, Apple TV control devices and many more.

An iTunes gift card can also be used to buy movies and music from your favorite artists.
If you are not interested in using your gift card, then you can sell iTunes card in Nigeria and get instant cash for it.

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