How To Verify Paxful Account Easily

In order to keep the sanity of the paxful peer-to-peer trading platform in order, some forms of verifications are required which is part of their policy. Below are some of the verifications you might go through on paxful at some stages:

  1. Email verification (Easy)
  2. Phone verification (eASY)
  3. ID Verification (Medium)
  4. Address Verification (Hard)

We will be taking each verification and explaining one at a time.

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How To: Paxful Email Verification

This is the first and very simple verification that only requires you log in to your email (you used in registration) and click a link that must have been sent there. This verifies that the supposed mail belongs to you. It typically takes less than a minute and it is very important as you will most likely not be able to do some trading without this.

Note that you can only request confirmation link once in every 20 minutes.

How To: Phone Verification

This is also important. You are to input your mobile number and confirm that the number belongs to you by entering a code that will be sent to the number. This helps in terms of security and if by chance you lose access to your account, you can use your mobile number to verify.

How To Verify Paxful Account With ID

This is required once you have traded not less than $1500 on the platform. Your trading options will be limited once you attain this limit and you have not verified. To verify, go to settings and click on verification. Input your details and upload your ID in clear png or jpg image.

A face capture will be required so you just sit in front of your PC and capture your face to complete the process. Submit and wait a few minutes to get approved or declined.

Note that only passports, driver’s license, voter’s card and other generally recognised IDs are acceptable.

Paxful Address Verification

You will be required to verify address once you have traded like $10,000 above. You have to submit a bank statement, utility bill, or credit card statement that clearly shows your name and address. This process typically takes a few days for verification.

Can Someone Help Me Verify My Paxful Account?

Yes if you have someone that is willing to go through the process.


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