How To Turn Your Bitcoin Into Naira and Cedis Instantly

A lot of people want to sell bitcoins for naira but they find it difficult because there are a lot of sites to sell bitcoins online which might get you confused.

Selling bitcoins in Nigeria may not be an entirely rosy business, owing to its complexities. Asides it not being straightforward, there are countless dealers who just want to scam you of your bitcoins without giving you what you truly deserve. In order to avoid being in this kind of position anymore, here is the best way to exchange bitcoins for Naira, Cedis, RMB.

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Best Site To Sell Bitcoins Instantly

One first and major step to exchanging bitcoins in Nigeria, Ghana, is getting a reliable and trusted exchange platform.

In Nigeria and Ghana, of all websites to sell bitcoins, Sellcardbtc has proven to be the most reliable site.

Our payment methods are flexible. You get paid in either Naira (Nigerian Bank Transfer), Cedis (Mobile Money or Tigocash), RMB (Alipay or Chinese Bank). One interesting thing about our platform is that you get paid within 5 minutes, and of course at the best bitcoin market rate.

Now, one thing should be gotten right as regards buying and selling bitcoins. You may see a lot of bitcoin scammers that are only interested in stealing your coins. The reason you have to be very careful about using unreliable trading platforms.

You can sell bitcoins instantly, just click here to contact us on Whatsapp.


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