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How To Trade iTunes Card – How To Withdraw On Afrbtc

You might be looking for a way to sell iTunes gift card on afrbtc, well that is easy, let’s show you. But before then, do you know of another site like Afrbtc that pays a higher rate with relatively faster trade time? I know you did not. Permit me to introduce to you, Sellcardbtc.

Sellcardbtc is a website where you can sell iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, steam gift card and just any other gift card. The website has been in existence in China and Ghana for 2 years but was recently introduced to Nigeria in 2018.

They pay Naira, cedis, rmb and cedis.

You can exchange iTunes for naira on sellcardbtc and get paid within 5 minutes instead of waiting hours on afrbtc.

Comparing Sellcardbtc to Afrbtc

  1. You don’t need an invitation code to signup on sellcardbtc.
  2. Sellcardbtc offers better rates, compared to
  3. Sellcardbtc has an average trade time of 5 minutes, which is faster than afrbtc
  4. Payment and withdrawal on Sellcardbtc is instant, no queue.
  5. Sellcardbtc has a WhatsApp number which you can interact with in case you have questions – Click Here To Go To Their Whatsapp.

You can read more on sellcardbtc vs afrbtc.  If you are convinced and would love to trade gift card on sellcardbtc, see how to trade on sellcardbtc.

Now back to the topic, how to exchange itunes for naira on afrbtc.

How To Trade iTunes Card On Afrbtc

  • Register an account on our website or Login if you already have an account.

  • On getting to the dashboard, you’ll see cards rates in Naira, Cedis, RMB and bitcoins. Any card not listed in the rate table cannot be traded on the site. You have to Trade It On Our Whatsapp.

  •  If you want to trade gift card, click on the “New Gift Card Trade” button on the dashboard to initiate the trade. Select card type, select the currency you want to be paid with, enter the amount of card you have, the amount to be paid will be automatically displayed. In the comments field, you can write the card code, denomination or any information you want us to know about your card.

  • When trading your gift card, pay attention to the trade terms. The trade terms is automatically displayed above the submit button once you select the card type. You have to make sure you obey the trade terms.

  • If you want to trade bitcoin, click on the “New Bitcoin Trade” button on the dashboard to initiate the trade. Read the Bitcoin trade instructions on the page. Confirmation takes a few minutes and your balance will be credited.

  • All trades take few minutes to complete. You will receive an email notification once there’s a trading update. If trade is successful, your balance will be credited based on the currency you selected when initiating a trade.

  • Once your balance is credited. You can proceed to Withdrawal Page to withdraw your funds. You will be credited as soon as possible.

  • If you have any question or enquiries, feel free to Contact Us

Experience a great trading process today by getting started. However, if you would love a more simplified trading process, you can scroll down to see how to trade on our whatsapp.

How To Withdraw Funds

Payment is often made within 5 minutes. All you have to do is click on the withdrawal button, enter the amount and submit. You must have up to the amount you are trying to withdraw and also you must have registered your bank details to withdraw.

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