How To Sign Up On Afrbtc – Login | Invite Code

You might be looking for a way to signup on afrbtc, well that is easy, let’s show you. But before then, do you know of another gift card trading platform like Afrbtc that pays a higher rate with relatively faster trade time? I guess you did not. Permit me to introduce to you, Sellcardbtc.

What Is Sellcardbtc

Sellcardbtc is a website where you can sell itunes gift card, amazon gift card, steam gift card and just any other gift card. The website has been in existence in china and ghana for 2 years but was recently introdcued to Nigeria in 2018.

They pay Naira, cedis, rmb and cedis.

Comparing Sellcardbtc to Afrbtc

  1. You don’t need an invitation code to signup on sellcardbtc.
  2. Sellcardbtc offers better rates, compared to
  3. Sellcardbtc has an average trade time of 5 minutes, which is faster than afrbtc
  4. Payment and withdrawal on Sellcardbtc is instant, no queue.
  5. Sellcardbtc has a whatsapp number which you can interact with in case you have questions – Click Here To Go To Their Whatsapp.

You can read more on sellcardbtc vs afrbtc.  If you are convinced and would love to trade gift card on sellcardbtc, start trading.

Now back to the topic, how to register an account on afrbtc.

How To Register An Account on Afrbtc

The process is very straightforward, just visit, click on signup, contact themfor invtie code and input your email address and password.

How To Login To Afrbtc

Visit the website and click on login. Then input the email address and password you used during sign up. You will be redirected to the dashboard.

How To Trade On

Very simple. Click on the trade button of the card you want to trade, they buy only itunes and amazon cash receipt. Then upload the card and input the amount, then wait several minutes for verification.

How To Withdraw On Afrbtc

Go to wallet page and input your bank details. Then input the amount you want to withdraw and submit. Wait several minutes for verification.

That is all on afrbtc, how to sign up, login, withdraw and sell itunes gift card on afrbtc.


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