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How To Sell iTunes & Amazon Gift Cards For Bitcoin On Paxful

Selling itunes gift card and selling Amazon gift card on paxful will get you paid in bitcoin. This is because paxful is a peer-to-peer platform that allows transactions in bitcoin only. In near future, they might introduce more cryptocurrencies.

So this article is for you if you want to exchange itunes gift card for bitcoin or exchange amazon gift card for bitcoin or any other gift card.

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But if you want to convert your iTunes gift card to Naira, Cedis or RMB, click here.

What Is Paxful is a Peer to Peer Bitcoin marketplace where bitcoin buyers with bitcoin sellers meet to transact under escrow. The platform fights scam by holding bitcoin for transactions and release is made once both seller and buyer come to an agreement.

Disadvantages Of Paxful

  1. There are a lot of gift card scammers on paxful. Vendors pretend to buy gift card and pay naira but will refuse to release bitcoins to the buyer. Then this might lead to paxful dispute and the moderator can decide to award the dispute to the vendor.
  2. You can only sell gift card for bitcoin on paxful. And since bitcoin is always on the fall, you might lose money. So it is better to sell gift card for cash in naira if you are in nigeria, cedis if you are in Ghana or RMB and INR. If you want to exchange gift card for cash, you can use sellcardbtc, it is a trusted site and they give better rates.
  3. Paxful trades are slow. Because a vendor may not respond on time or waste your time redeeming the itunes gift card or any other card.

See paxful app.

How To Exchange iTunes Gift Card For Bitcoin On Paxful

You are to visit on your browser, then register an account if you don’t already have one. After registration you have confirm your email with the activation link sent to mail.

Once confirmed, you can then login.

Then go to this URL >

buy bitcoin with itunes gift card

Imagine you are buying bitcoin with iTunes gift card. You will tick “buy bitcoin”, enter the amount say $100, select the currency of your itunes gift card, might be USD, GBP, EUR. Select way to pay with is “itunes gift card”. If it is another gift card say amazon gift card, selling google play gift card, trading steam wallet gift card, apple gift card, Sephora gift card, walmart gift card, that is what you will select.

Then click on search. It will show a list of vendors from the one with highest rate to the lowest one. You have to be careful with the vendor you deal with because some of them are itunes scammers. That is why it is better to trade on sellcardbtc.

Why Sellcardbtc Is Better Than Paxful

It was previously mentioned that sellcardbtc is still the best site to sell itunes gift card compared to paxful, localbitcoins, paxtradings, afrbtc and other gift card trading sites.

This is because sellcardbtc offers the best rate, no fear of getting scammed, you get paid straight to your bank account and trading is completed within 5 minutes.

How To Trade iTunes Card For Cash On Sellcardbtc

It is very simple, read here.

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