iTunes Gift Cards

How To Redeem iTunes Ecode and Card To Naira

If you want to redeem your itunes card in Nigeria, here is the best itunes gift card redemption tutorial.

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How To Redeem iTunes Card Online

  1. Get the gift card, maybe iTunes gift card or ecode. You can buy from store or online purchase, just ensure the code is valid.
  2. If you buy from the store, scratch the panel to reveal the itunes gift card code.
  3. Go to iTunes store or app store, make sure you are logged in to the required ID.
  4. Input the itunes code to redeem itunes gift card or scan the itunes picture to redeem tunes online.
  5. If the card is good, it’ll be redeemed automatically and added to itunes balance.

How To Transfer iTunes Balance From One ID To Another

  1. Open itunes on desktop, download itunes and restart your computer when you are asked to redeem itunes card on desktop.
  2. Sign in to your itunes apple ID by entering the email and password and click on sign in.
  3. Go to “Store” and click “send gift card” and input email address of the receiver.
  4. Add a message and input the amount of itunes gift card you are willing to send
  5. Then submit and that’s all.

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