How To Open Paxful Account, Buy Bitcoin and Use Paxful Wallet Login

If you want to buy bitcoins with gift card or buy bitcoin with cash payment, paxful is one of the best places.

Note that if you are planning to sell iTunes gift card or any other gift card for cash payment, you can use sellcardbtc.

What Is Paxful

Paxful is one of the best 5 sites to sell gift cards online. is a peer to peer bitcoin trading marketplace where bitcoin buyers and bitcoin sellers meet and trade under escrow. The vendor creates an offer and waits for prospective buyers to come and trade.

Paxful Escrow System

Paxful escrow services are great as it gives buyers some sense of security when trading gift card for bitcoins. The system holds the bitcoin payment pending the period trade is completed. And then it is released immediately both parties agree to terms and payment.

In case there is disagreement, you can go into paxful disputes.

How To Register Paxful Account

This is very simple. Just go to and click on create account. A form will come up to fill in your email, username and password and also a captcha verification to be sure you are not a bot. You will receive a verification email. All you have to do is click the link in the mail to verify.

See paxful app apk.

How To Login To Paxful Wallet

Go to and enter your username and password. Also, verify your humanity using the captcha.

How To Use Paxful Wallet

To start utilizing Paxful, you’ll have to make a free record and access your free bitcoin wallet. When you’re prepared to purchase bitcoin, just enter the sum that you’d like to spend, pick your payment method and after that select a vendor. When you’ve chosen your seller, you can start a live talk with them.

So if you thinking of selling gift card on paxful, here is how to create account and use the paxful wallet.

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