How To Download Paxful App – Paxful Mobile Appstore APK

Paxful is a website on which you can exchange various gift cards for bitcoins. Not just bitcoins, you can also exchange other money-valued items for bitcoins on this peer-to-peer exchange platform.

However, it has been previously mentioned that you should trade your gift cards for bitcoins on Sellcardbtc instead of Paxful.

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You can sell gift cards on sellcardbtc and avoid unnecessary paxful disputes.

Paxful and sellcardbtc are not identical. Sellcardbtc is better. If you want to sell gift cards or bitcoins at best rates, contact sellcardbtc on WhatsApp at +84325452656.

Sellcardbtc saves you the stress of having to create a paxful account,  selecting the number of bitcoins you want to buy and the method of payment you want, then you get sellers who are available. Too long process apart from that you can get into paxful scam and start looking for a moderator.

However, for those who have been looking to download paxful app and apk, we are sorry to tell you that paxful does not have a playstore or appstore app at the moment, you can wait till later time.