How To Create Paxful Account & Wallet – Paxful Alternatives

Creating a paxful account and paxful login is extremely simple. But how simple can it be? We will show you in this write-up. But first of all, before you think of registering a paxful account, how about I tell you about another website where you can sell gift cards and bitcoins and get paid in Naira directly?

What if I tell you there is a site where you can sell itunes card, amazon card, and other gift cards at rates higher than paxful rate and get paid directly to your bank account.

Introducing, now you’ll ask, what is Sellcardbtc?

Sellcardbtc is a site where you can trade gift cards and bitcoins and get paid in Naira, cedis or RMB. Gift card rates on sellcardbtc are better than paxful rates, you might want to ask why?

Why Sellcardbtc Rates Are Better Than Paxful Rates

This reason is simple. Paxful vendors are middlemen who collect gift cards from paxful users then go elsewhere and sell it to those who will load it. Those who load it will then pay the paxful vendor, then paxful vendor will remove his own profit and pays you the rest. With this, the rate already reduced.

But on, every gift card is directly used by them because they are direct loaders. So the profit that is meant to go to middleman is not subtracted, they pay you the whole money worth for your gift card.

At sellcardbtc, you can get itunes gift card, amazon, googleplau, walmart, steam, sephora, and just any other gift card.

Trading on sellcardbtc takes an average of 5 minutes and payment can be done instantly.

If you wish to try out sellcardbtc today, you can visit

Now, back to the topic, how do you open a paxful account and get a paxful wallet?

How To Open Paxful Account and Open Paxful Wallet

Paxful as a website is easy to use and you can easily create a paxful account by visiting the platform. That apart, you also get a free bitcoin wallet by registering an account on Paxful. To get started, watch the video below:


How To Check Paxful Bitcoin Wallet Balance

Since every paxful account comes with a bitcoin wallet, as you trade from time to time, there’s a need for you to check your btc balance. Just navigate to Your balance wallet balance is always displayed in your preferred currency. However, you can change the currency in settings.


How To Send Bitcoin From Paxful Wallet – How To Transfer Out

Sending bitcoins on paxful is easy. you cand bitcoins to another paxful address, at no cost and instant reflection. Also you can send bitcoins to external wallets at a very low fee. To send out bitcoin on paxful, go to wallet, click on send, enter the amount and paste the wallet. Then confirm your password and send. You will receive a notification after that.

How To Receive Bitcoin To Paxful Wallet Address

Since paxful account comes with a bitcoin wallet, you can receive bitcoin into your paxful address from any other wallet. You can generate new address as well from your paxful wallet. Receiving bitcoin into paxful wallet can take any time from 0 to 30 minutes depending on which wallet it is being sent from and the transfer fee.


That is how to create a paxful account and other necessary information needed to use a paxful account. Don’t forget to share.

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