Amazon Gift Cards

How To Convert Amazon Gift Cards To Naira

Learn how to convert amazon gift cards to cash in Nigeria instantly

There are a lot of sites to sell Amazon gift card in Nigeria but we know the best, it is

Most people who are in search of best site to sell amazon card and other gift cards usually find it difficult to select which gift card trading site to sell the gift card to.

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Therefore, to save you the stress of getting confused and scared, we are here to recommend the best and the most trusted site to sell amazon gift cards online in Nigeria, Ghana, China. The site is

Types Of Gift Cards To Sell On Sellcardbtc

Apart from amazon gift card, you can also sell the following gift card on sellcardbtc:

  1. Sell iTunes gift card
  2. Sell Amazon gift card
  3. Sell Steam gift card
  4. Sell Google play gift card
  5. Sell Walmart gift card
  6. Sell Target gift card
  7. Sell Sephora gift card
  8. Sell Jcpenny gift card
  9. And other gift cards

How To Convert Amazon Gift Card To Naira

  1. Be sure your card is still valid and has not been redeemed to another account.
  2. Click here to contact Sellcardbtc on Whatsapp at +84325452656.
  3. Verify how much you will be paid for your gift card and upload
  4. Wait few minutes for verification and payment

It’s that simple.

What Amazon Receipt Is Accepted

At sellcardbtc, you can sell amazon cash receipt, amazon gift card with debit receipt, credit card receipt including visa and mastercard and also we buy amazon with no receipt.

We also buy amazon ecodes.

Amazon Gift Card Trade Trade Terms and Instructions:


1. This trade is only for USA Amazon Physical Cards with cash receipt in 1-200USD denominations. It can be 1000, but it has to be 100*10 or 200*5. Any single card higher than $200 is not accepted in this trade.

2. Be sure your receipt is CASH before sending. If you are not sure, ask us on our whatsapp

3. The serial number of receipt and card must match.

4. Card and receipt must be clear. Do not send edited or photoshopped codes, your account might be banned.

5. Do not send used cards. The trade will be rejected. Sending of used cards too many times might lead to ban.

6. You can proceed with the trade if your card meets all conditions. Thanks.

Ready tot rade? Click here to contact Sellcardbtc on Whatsapp at +84325452656.



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