How To Contact Paxful Moderators

Do you want to know how to reach paxful moderators via email and phone number so they can resolve your paxful disputes fast, here it is.

Firstly, instead of trading on paxful, you can sell gift cards on sellcardbtc and avoid unnecessary paxful disputes.

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You have to create a paxful account. You select the amount of bitcoins you want to buy and the method of payment you want, then you get sellers who are available. All sellers have past records (reputation) from trades made in the past. Here, the seller displays any specific details he considers necessary for the transaction.

How To Buy Bitcoins With Itunes Gift Card On Paxful

  1. Select the amount of bitcoins you want to buy.
  2. Select the currency you will want the exchange rate to be in.
  3. Select the payment method you want (iTunes gift card).
  4. You could search the complete list of sellers or you will be shown the best of sellers on Paxful. This is done based on past records of the sellers.
  5. After selecting the seller you want, select trade, and you will be able to chat with the seller through the live chat.

See how to sell gift cards for bitcoin.

See paxful app for iphone.

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Paxful Transaction Fees 

Just like LocalBitcoins, Paxful does not charge the buyer. Only 1% is taken from the total sale amount from the seller.

You can read more on how to avoid paxful scams.

All You Need To Know About Paxful Disputes

We have previously talked about how to avoid paxful disputes and scams, you can read that here.

How To Contact Paxful Moderators

When you are in dispute on paxful and you are waiting for moderator to come in and it is taking too much time, you can contact paxful moderators email. Paxful moderators do not have phone numbers.

Since there are a lot of gift card scammers on Paxful, paxful disputes are used to settle fights between seller and buyer in case there is a misunderstanding.

Advice: It is better to avoid unnecessary disputes on paxful by trading with a paxful alternative.

How To Avoid Paxful Scams And Disputes

To avoid unnecessary dispute, you can trade your gift card directly to cash, click here to start.



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