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How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming It

Learn how you can know the balance of your amazon gift card without actually redeeming it...

Amazon gift cards are getting popular recently as more and more people are developing interest in buying and selling amazon cards as the ecommerce site get more popular day by day.

Not so much because if it’s a gift card and amount is covered up. Typically you ought to have the abilify to checkthe amount of your gift card without going to store or redeeming it. Yes you can, we will show you.

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For example, if an individual buys an amazon Gift Card and sends to somebody, that somebody won’t have the capacity to know the GC balance except if redeeming. Yet, in the event that the beneficiary contacts amazon Customer support, there are chances where they’d give the amount.

How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance:

This is how you can check the amount in your amazon gift card without redeeming it:

  1. Log into your amazon accout. If you don’t have account you can create one
  2. Click on account details or go to this link.
  3. Input your amazon gift card code and click on check balance
  4. Wait for the page to load and you’ll see the amazon gift card balance

That’s how to know amazon card balance without using it.

You can also transfer amazon balance.


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