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How To Activate Gift Card Online

It is one of the most important things to know about gift cards that you have to activate a gift card before you can redeem it.

Why Must You Activate Gift Card Before Redeem

Gift cards come in pack, like $100 in 100s, that 10,000$ in a pack. Imagine a thief robs a store and escape with such pack. Since he has to activate each card, it will be useless to him. But it there is no need for activation, he will be successful. So, the need to activate before you can use is to discourage theft.

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Where Can I Activate Gift Card

So you buy itunes gift card or amazon gift card and you need to activate it, on normal cases it will be activated for you at the store where you purchased it. But in case you forget, you can always go back. Also if you try to redeem itunes gift card or any other card and it doesn’t go through saying not activated, then maybe the store attendant did not do it well so you have to go back to the store.

How Long Does it Take?

Activation does not take more than a minute.

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