Steam Gift Cards

Convert Steam Gift Card To Bitcoins

Thinking of how to convert your steam cards to bitcoins? Here it is

You can sell USA/CAD/GBP/EUR/AUD steam Cards in any denominations.

You can sell steam Ecodes and physical cards are accepted.

We do not accept used cards. So if you card has already been redeemed, you cannot sell it.

How To Convert STeam Card On Sellcardbtc

  1. You can click here to trade on WhatsApp where an agent will attend to you.

As of now, the price of $100 steam gift card in Bitcoin is 74$ naira. But the price changes often so it is not constant.

Sellcardbtc does not give middleman rates, we give you the real value of your card without removing the dubious middleman commissions that make sales low.

Note that you can also be paid in naira, cedis, rmb, and paypal.

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