iTunes Gift Cards

Are There iTunes Cards $500 Single?

Single $500 USA iTunes Gift Card is the most scarce itunes gift card that is hardly seen in US stores. The only way to get $500 itunes is to load it on a blank card in store as credit balance. It is, however, the best denomination when you are buying bulk itunes gift cards from store. Imagine you are buying $5,000, it will just be 500×10 instead of $100.

Why $500 iTunes Is Scarce

It is rare to see this type of card because it is not always preloaded and you have to load it on it. iTunes consider it unnecessary and it is also difficult to find where to sell single $500 itunes gift card.

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Where To Buy $500 iTunes Gift Card

You can buy at retail stores in the USA like Walmart and Walgreens.

Why It Is Hard To Sell $500 Single iTunes Gift Cards

It is difficult to sell this type of itunes card because it is of very large denomination and often get itunes ID blocked when redeeming itunes gift card to cash online.

Where Can You Sell $500 iTunes Card

You can sell at Sellcardbtc by contacting them here. On Sellcardbtc you can sell $101-$200 single itunes, 201-$500 single itunes, and any big denomination for good iTunes price.

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