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How Much is $50/$100 Amazon Card in Nigerian Naira Or Ghana Cedis?

You definitely are interested in articles on how much is $50 Amazon card in naira. Or are you interested in articles about how much is $100 Amazon gift card in naira or cedis? Have you been wondering how to convert Amazon gift card to cash in Nigeria? Where to convert Amazon gift card in Nigeria?  Or you were gifted an Amazon gift card and you have been looking for how to sell the gift cards in Nigeria or the best sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana?

You could also have been on the search for the best way to convert your Amazon gift cards to cash. We understand your many questions have been begging for answers and we have answered all your countless questions in a single article.


Now, below are all the answers to your frequently asked questions as regards Amazon gift cards.

What Is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon Gift Cards are useful for buying Kindle content, digital music and Amazon Video downloads. It can also be used for digital downloads. It is used to make purchases on the Amazon store just as iTunes card can be used to buy stuffs from iTunes. Owing to varieties in our needs, you can sell your amazon gift card and get naira.

Where To Sell Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria

To sell gift card in Nigeria is such a confusing thing to people, not just because of the fear of not getting the best gift card rates, but also because the rate of gift card scam is on the high. That is why it is always best you get a trusted and very reliable gift card trading platform in Nigeria where you can sell your gift cards. Were you recently given an Amazon gift card and you are looking for where to sell your Amazon gift card for cash in Nigeria? I’m certain you want the best website to convert your Amazon gift card for naira and cedis Sellcardbtc is the answer.

What Is Amazon Gift Card Rate in Naira?

Amazon gift card rate usually depends on the receipt you have but in general, if you trade with Sellcardbtc, which is usually the best bet for all gift cards, you will get within the following range.

$50 gift card=14,000 NGN
$100 gift card=
28,000 NGN


If you’ve been looking for how much $50 or $100 Amazon card is in Nigeria, you should be aware that there is no true fixed price to how much an Amazon gift card is and It is very pertinent to know that rates do change from time to time owing to diverse reasons. Not to worry anyway, you are assured the best rates when trading with SELLCARDBTC.

We accept major cards; iTunes Gift cards, Amazon Gift cards, Amazon Gift cards, Google Play Gift cards, Walmart Gift cards, Steam Gift cards, etc. We accept all denominations ($25, $50, $100, $200)

How to Sell Amazon Gift Card On Sellcardbtc

Step 1: Ensure the card you want to exchange for cash has not been redeemed and is still valid.

Step 2: Scratch off the film covering the pin code area on the gift card then take a picture of it and send.

Step 3: You can contact us on WhatsApp to convert your card.

Transfer time: 5 to 10 Minutes

Ensure you use only valid & active card codes as we are looking forward to a longtime partnership with all our customers.




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