Afrbtc Review – Read This Before You Trade With Afrbtc!

Afrbtc Review – Is It Legit Or Scam?

A gift card is a digital card that is preloaded with money and can be used in certain stores as a cash alternative. Many businesses use gift cards to motivate customers to continue buying from them. Different brands issue different kinds of gift cards.

  1. iTunes gift card
  2. Amazon gift card
  3. Steam gift card
  4. Google play gift card
  5. Walmart gift card
  6. Target gift card
  7. Sephora gift card
  8. Jcpenny gift card
  9. And other gift cards

These cards can only be redeemed at their specific stores.

Trading gift cards is a lucrative business in Nigeria.

However, before engaging in this kind of business, it is important to examine the market and determine the best platform to sell your gift cards. Different platforms buy gift cards at different rates and you need to identify the platform that will give you the best deal.  

Lately, we have been receiving so many inquiries about whether certain platforms can be trusted when it comes to selling gift cards.

Usually, users are advised not to engage any random gift card seller they find online. We always recommend that you choose from our list of top trusted sites when exchanging gift cards for naira.   

Trusted Platforms to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria

With so many online vendors engaging in gift card trading, it is very hard for you to determine which sites are genuine and which ones are not.

To save you the trouble, we have come up with a list of trusted platforms where you can safely sell your gift cards. These sites are, Pаxtrаdіngѕ.соm, Sеllсаrdbtс.соm,, and Cаѕhрluѕgіftсаrdѕ.соm.

  1. allows you to exchange various gift card types including Amazon and iTunes cards for bitcoins.  

Follow this link to get in touch with Paxful.

  1. allows you to sell different gift cards for bitcoins or cash.  

Follow this link to get in touch with Paxtradings.

  1. gives you the best cash value for both bitcoins and gift cards. It has been said to be the best site like afrbtc.

Follow this link to get in touch with Sellcardbtc.

  1. uses different gift cards to order for services on various platforms at relatively lower costs and as a result, offer you great cash return for the gift cards you sell them.  

Follow this link to get in touch with poolofcards.

  1. lets you safely and effortlessly exchange gift cards for Naira.

Follow this link to get in touch with cashplusgiftcards.

The platforms listed above are safe and you can sell your gift cards on any of them without fear of being scammed.

Is Afrbtc Scam Or Legit?

Scam or not, we don’t know, but, may not be the best place for you to sell your gift cards. The aforementioned sites give customers exceptional selling experiences and you can confidently use any them when selling any gift card.

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