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A Review Of Sites That Buy Gift Cards In Nigeria

It is better to be sure than to take chances. If you want to be sure of not getting scammed, make sure you use the site we have recommended.

Several websites buy and sell gift cards in Nigeria.

But to avoid your fears and uncertainty, you should trade with the Trusted Platform that we all know of – Sellcardbtc. We recommend Sellcardbtc because it has several recommendations from users.

Almost everyone who need to sell iTunes Gift cards usually finds it difficult to sell because of the several cases of failed transactions.

Hence to save you the stress of looking for a trusted site to exchange your iTunes gift cards for naira, we bring Sellcardbtc to you.

Types of Gift Cards you can sell on Sellcardbtc

  1. Sell iTunes gift card
  2. Sell Amazon gift card
  3. Sell Steam gift card
  4. Sell Google play gift card
  5. Sell Walmart gift card
  6. Sell Target gift card
  7. Sell Sephora gift card
  8. Sell Jcpenny gift card
  9. And other gift cards

3 Simple Steps to Follow to Sell Gift Cards on Sellcardbtc

Firstly, be sure that your card is still valid and that it has not been redeemed to a different account.

Afterwards, click on this link: here to contact Sellcardbtc on Whatsapp at +84325452656.

You should verify how much you will be paid for the gift card before you upload.

After this, wait a few minutes for your verification and subsequent payment.

Yes! It is that simple.

Let’s take a look at other sites that buy Gift cards.

Sites To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria


According to Pecktrad, they have a lot for those who want to sell Gift Cards and iTunes to give them the best profits. But we do not have poolofcards reviews.

You can click here to contact them.


Here are other websites (not verified sites);, Laxlotcards, Cardnosh, Cardhavens, Raycardin, Cashplusgiftcards, Igctrader, Incomenigeria, AnisExchange, Premcards,  Cardtopia,, Patricia, OneXBTC, Kingcardsng, Labezecurrency, Giftcardstonaira,,, Testalcards, Raycardin and Tunesloader.

These are available for Gift Card and iTunes sales, but they have no review available so we cannot guarantee that they are trusted.

Our Advice for selling iTunes Gift Card Online

It is wise to stay in a safe place instead of testing the waters with your hard earned gift cards.

It is this same reason we recommend that you stay with sites that have been recommended by those who have patronized and get satisfied. The Site is Sellcardbtc. You can click here to contact them.


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