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5 Things You Should Know About Gift Cards

We all love gift cards, we all want gift cards and we all want to do the amazing things gift cards can be done with. But how well do you know gift cards? Talking generally, not specific to a particular gift card as they all seem to have a common purpose.

So listed below are some important information every gift card lover should know:

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  1. Gift cards are only redeemable at the particular retail store e.g you can only redeem itunes gift card at itunes store. You can only redeem Amazon gift card at Amazon website, you can only redeem steam gift card at steam store e.t.c
  2. There are generally two categories of gift cards:
    1. Retail gift cards: These are branded ones like itunes, amazon, walmart e,t,c.
    2. Bank gift cards / cash gift cards: Like mastercard, visa gift card e.t.c
    There is no wide difference between the two.
  3. Gift cards do not expire. No expiry date. However, it is advisable to redeem every gift card as soon as possible to avoid the risk of losing it.
  4. You have to activate a gift card before it will be redeemable.
  5. You can sell your unwanted gift cards for cash in any country on or contact us on Whatsapp at +84325452656.


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