10 Reasons Why SellCardBTC Is Better Than AfrBTC

Differences and Similarities Between Two Best Sites To Sell iTunes Gift Cards In Nigeria...

Over time, AfrBTC and SellCardBTC have proven to be two of the best gift card trading platforms that pay naira for itunes gift cards and amazon gift cards in Nigeria. However, there’s always a better option when two services are compared.

In this article, we will outline the differences between sellcardbtc and afrbtc, who is better, faster and why. But before then, here is a brief introduction about the two platforms.

About AfrBTC

afrbtc logo is gift card and bitcoin trading website built by the big player team from China. They buy thousands of iTunes and Amazon daily with a major market focus on Nigeria. They allegedly pay millions of naira to customers in Nigeria daily.

About SellCardBTC


Sellcardbtc is tagged as the number one gift card trading website in Nigeria, Ghana and China, they are focused on giving their customers the best return in terms of money for all gift cards and bitcoins.

According to Reliablecounter, as at November 2018, Sellcardbtc was confirmed as the best Paxful alternative when looking for sites like Paxful. This is so because they buy gift cards and bitcoins at rates far better than what you get on Paxful, Afrbtc or any other website to sell gift cards In Nigeria. Just to mention, they are also well trusted.


Similarities Between AfrBTC and SellCardBTC

  1. They are both gift card and bitcoin trading website. That is, you can trade easily on both platforms.
  2. They are both foreign platforms run by foreign organizations.
  3. They are both great alternatives to Paxful.
  4. They are both easily accessible and easy to use for trading.
  5. They are both highly reliable sites to sell iTunes gift card and other gift cards.

Why SellCardBTC Is Better Than AfrBTC

  1. Trading on Sellcardbtc is relatively faster compared to trading on Afrbtc. Just a random sample, it takes 5 minutes to trade on Sellcardbtc as shown below:
    selling gift card on sellcardbtc
    A random sample of Afrbtc website, shows that a trade will take roughly 23 minutes for the same order.
  2. Payment on sellcardbtc isn’t queued, it is instant. Payment on Afrbtc is queued.
  3. You do not need an invitation code to register on sellcardbtc. Afrbtc invitation code is always required for every new user.
  4. Sellcardbtc offers a relatively higher rate. Taking iTunes $100 for instance. Afrbtc pays 22,000 naira while sellcardbtc pays 27,000 Naira.
  5. You can interact or even trade with sellcardbtc agents on Whatsapp, unlike afrbtc.
  6. On Sellcardbtc, you can sell various gift cards: iTunes gift card, amazon gift card, google play gift card, steam gift card, sephora gift card, walmart gift card, apple gift card, nordstrom gift card e.t.c But Afrbtc only buys itunes gift cards and amazon gift cards.
  7. You can sell various gift card forms on sellcardbtc, including gift card ecodes and cards without receipt. Afrbtc only accepts physical gift cards and cards with cash receipt only.
  8. You can sell bitcoin on Sellcardbtc at 364 naira/$, afrbtc buys bitcoin at 310 naira/$.
  9. Sellcardbtc pays in cedis mobile money, naira, rmb and bitcoin. Afrbtc only pays naira.
  10. Sellcardbtc offers a comprehensive guide on how to trade, afrbtc has no guide.

Wrapping Up

It is well known that both platforms are good sites to sell iTunes gift card and other gift cards in Nigeria, but you are left to determine what your preference will be. Either way, make sure you are getting the best value for your gift card and bitcoin.


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