10 Best Exchanges to Sell & Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria

Numerous individuals have been defrauded in attempting to purchase bitcoin in Nigeria since they did as such either from a WhatsApp gathering or from the wrong trade. I composed on the 10 recommended exchange to buy and sell in Bitcoin in 2018 which helped many individuals to purchase and sell bitcoins safely. However, this is 2019, the rundown has changed, and there are more efficient Bitcoin exchanges now. 

I took as much time as necessary to experience all the digital currency exchanges that help the buy and closeout of Bitcoins in Nigeria and came up with best 10. My choices depend on the productivity of service, reputation, and community opinion. I have personally utilized all the exchange-listed below. I have utilized some for certain years others I simply tried out with the end goal of this survey. You will likewise see that some of the exchanges recorded a year ago did not make the rundown this year.

Five of these trades are owned by Nigerians and have their offices in Nigeria while the other five are foreign that offer bitcoin trades benefits in Nigeria note that the request where they show up isn’t an evaluation on their productivity. So you can purchase bitcoin in Nigeria from any of them.

We mentioned one of them as one of the best sites to sell gift cards.

1. Quidax

I found Quidax in November 2018, I am very impressed with the platform and happy that it is a Nigeria trade. Most Nigerian Based Bitcoin trades are typically an OTC i.e Over The Counter Exchange. Be that as it may, this stage is on top of things to sell gift cards in Nigeria. It is the same as Luno yet better. You can purchase and sell Bitcoin BTC and six different cryptos. Additionally, as done in exchanging plartform like Binance, you can exchange Naira NGN against BTC, XRP, and ETH or exchange Bitcoin against ETH, XRP and LTC.

To purchase bitcoin on Quidax, , you make a deposit to you naira wallet on quidax, then you buy bitcoin from that naira wallet.. The Bitcoin will currently be accessible for your utilization on Quidax bitcoin wallet, from here you can send it to an outer wallet, exchange with it or anything you desire. To offer bitcoin and pull back to your ledger on Quidax, first, send the bitcoin to your quidax bitcoin wallet and offer it for Naira. The Naira will be accessible in your Quidax naira wallet, from here you can pull back it to your financial balance inside 15 mins this cash will be in your ledger. On the off chance that you know about Luno, you will realize this is actually how Luno functions.

Available Currencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ether ETH, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Gold BTG, DASH.

Pros Cons

Trade and Trading No live Support

Capacity for Supported Cryptos No Mobile App

Quick store and Withdrawal

2. Ngexchanger

Ngexchanger is an indigenous Nigerian bitcoin trade. They are right now at the highest point of the game with regards to digital money trade in Nigeria. You can purchase and sell Bitcoin and each other altcoin from this platform. They have incredible customer care and an easy to understand site. Ngexchanger has its office in Port Harcourt Nigeria. This platform does not show all the crypto currency forms of money they sell, you can get in touch with them if the altcoin you need to purchase isn’t shown on the site.

Available Currencies: All including; bitcoin BTC, Ether ETH, STEEM, EOS, Ripple XRP, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Gold BTG, Tron TRX, Cardano ADA, DASH, Ethereum Classic ETC, Perfect Money

Pros Cons

Trade of Cryptos Available in Nigeria Only

Bitcoin Storage Stores bitcoin Only

every minute of every day Live Customer Support No Mobile App

3. Nairaex

Nairaex was known in 2016, they were among the best 3 plartform to Buy Bitcoins in Nigeria around then (2016) – the others being LocalBitcoins and instantgoldnigeria. In spite of the fact that they began with bitcoin trade alone, you would now be able to purchase and sell 4 more cryptocurrencies forms of money from them. Nairaex just accept exchanges of at least NGN20,000 worth of cryptocurrencies. Their office is Located at Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Currencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ether ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Litecoin LTC, Perfect Money

Pros Cons

Quick Exchange Available in Nigeria Only

every minute of every day Live Customer Support No Storage

No Mobile App

4. Instant Gold Nigeria

Instant Gold Nigeria has been working in Nigeria for a long time now. It is the first e-cash trade in Nigeria that have remained that long and as yet remaining steadfast. They opened a branch office in Port Harcourt in December 2017, in any case, their headquarter is still in Lagos Nigeria. You can Purchase and Sell Bitcoins and 12 different curriencies on Instant Gold Nigeria.

Available Currencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ether ETH, Payeer, Netteller, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Paypal, Advcash.

Pros Cons

11 years of existence Available in Nigeria Only

day in and day out Live Customer Support No Storage

No Mobile App

5. Guava.Africa

Guava is the next-generation Nigerian Cryptocurrency trade propelled in January 2019. This trade is in a similar class as Quidax, Coindirect and Luno.

You can Purchase, Sell Bitcoin and Store on Guava. You can likewise exchange bitcoin, Ripple and Ether against the naira. The whole Guava interface is all around streamlined and straightforward. There is also a 24/7 customer support by means of live outline to take care of your questions.

Available Currencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ether ETH, Ripple XRP.

Pros Cons

Trade and Trade No Mobile App

Capacity for Supported Cryptos

all day, every day Live Customer Support

6. Coindirect

Coindirect is one of my favorite trade. It was launched in mid 2018 in South Africa and massively improved after its dispatch by changing its interface and included more highlights. Coindirect is like Luno and Remitano combined. On coindirect, you can do the accompanying:

1. Purchase and sell Bitcoin and 35 different digital currencies by means of P2P

2. Exchange major cryptos, for example, BTC, XRP, ETH, BCH, LTC against BTC, USDT and ZAR (South African Rand)

3. effectively swap/flip cryptos 4. store and send cryptos. Coindirect likewise has an application for exchanging in a hurry.

Coindirect is the up and coming age of trade and I anticipate more trades changing to this model.

Bolstered Cryptos: Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Litecoin, Lumen, Neo, EOS, IOTA, NEM, Dash, Monero, Lisk, Tronix, Ethereum Classic, Qtum, USDT, Vechain, ZCash, OmiseGO, STEEM, Verge, Siacoin, Stratis, Waltonchain, Dogecoin, Ark, Digibyte, Golem, Salt, NXT, ReddCoin, Breakout Stake.

Pros Cons

Trade and Trade No live Chat

Capacity for Supported Cryptos Low exchange volume

more than 30 Cryptos accessible

Mobil App accessible

7. Remitano

This trade is the thing that I call the LocalBitcoins executioner. It’s a complete improvement of LocalBitcoins. The trade rates on Remitano are at times less expensive (this relies upon the nation), they support purchases and offers more currencies (Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether) with designs to include more, and they give a quicker client administration than LocalBitcoins. Be that as it may, they are one present in 52 nations while LocalBitcoins is around the world. Remitano associate Buyer and moderate the process using the escrow system. The 1-minute video beneath clarifies what the escrow is and how it functions

Available Currencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ether ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Litecoin LTC, Tether USDT, Ripple XRP.

Pros Cons

Trade P2P

Capacity for Supported Cryptos

day in and day out Live Chat Support

Mobil App accessible

8. Paxful

Paxful is a Bitcoin Exchange Similar to LocalBitcoins and Remitano. The edge they have over these two is the various installment strategy (more than 300) that is bolstered. This empowers Buyers and Sellers from various nations to have the option to exchange which here and there lead to bring down costs. Paxful is a USA entity, the administration is accessible in all nations with the exception of 16 nations – this is so they can remain OFAC Compliance as a USA entity. This trade has likewise financed bunches of Charity extends the world over. Its group has assembled various schools in Africa are as yet doing as such.

Available Currencies: Bitcoin BTC.

Pros Cons

Trade P2P Supports Only BTC

Bitcoin Storage

day in and day out Live Chat Support

More than 300 Payment Method

9. Luno

Luno has turned into the most famous trade in Nigeria, it acknowledged Nigerians and some different nations that Coinbase rejected. Its prevalence is because of the convenience they provide. They give clients wallets, a trade stage and top-notch security. You can change over between bitcoin, naira and Ethereum right away and pull back your cash straightforwardly from your ledger. You can purchase bitcoin on Luno with promotion little as 300 Naira, to purchase bitcoin or Ether on Luno, you should initially finance your record in Naira with your Master/Visa Card. Bitcoin rates on Luno are very shabby in spite of the fact that Remitano is here and there less expensive. I for one purchase in Remitano and sell in Luno. This trade like Coinbase has additionally actualized SegWit to decrease the expense of bitcoin exchange.

Available Currencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum Ether ETH.

Pros Cons

Trade and Trading withdrawal not moment

Capacity for Supported Cryptos No live Support

Mobil App accessible

10. Localbitcoins

This is the oldest  bitcoin trade on the planet, it is accessible in all nations. Their notoriety and trustworthiness have enabled them to stand the trial of time. LocalBitcoins give platform to Buyers and Sellers to exchange Bitcoins, they moderate the procedure through an Escrow (see remitano video above). This is a similar way Remitano, Paxful, and Coindirect moderates their exchanges, notwithstanding, LocalBitcoins is the absolute first bitcoin trade to utilize escrow. Localbitcoins is as yet the biggest bitcoin trade, despite everything they have the most noteworthy volume of trade per 24 hours and of as of late propelled a bitcoin ATM machine in certain nations where anybody can purchase and sell bitcoins directly from the Bitcoin ATM machine.

Available Currencies: Bitcoin BTC.

Pros Cons

Trade P2P Support Only BTC

Bitcoin Wallet

Accessible around the world

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